Micro Edge Process has proposed and manufactured viewing systems, measuring instruments, and optical components based on micro bonding technology using laser. This is a necessary technology for miniaturization of electronic components in the future. If you have some troubles, please contact us.
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Information of newly developed products

Newly developed products

"Coaxial observation head with temperature monitor"

3 axes; laser, temperature sensor, camera are coaxially integrated.

It enables correct sensing of the temperature within laser irradiated area by using the temperature control unit at the same time.

You can observe the irradiation area on the monitor by using the coaxial camera.

For infrared semiconductor laser
For blue semiconductor laser

Information of newly developed products

Newly developed products

"Blue semiconductor module"

This is a module that bonds semiconductor laser whose wavelength is 450nm and multimode fiber with high efficiency.

You can obtain the blue light at 1W to 12W with small and reasonable device.

Blue semiconductor module catalogue (PDF)

Newly developed products

"Temperature control unit"

This is a unit that processes the measurement values of temperature sensor at high speed and controls the output of laser light source to enable the "temperature feedback control".

You can omit the setting of complicated laser output by just setting the target temperature.

Temperature control unit catalogue (PDF)
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Unit main body
Screen of control software

Information of new products

New products

"High-output fiber bonding type blue semiconductor laser"

This is high-output blue laser using wavelength 450nm of metallic materials such as gold (Au) and copper (Cu) whose light absorption rate is high.

In addition to maximum output 20W type, 50W type and 200W type are lined up.

This is a waveband that is highly expected for various use applications such as soldering and welding.

Demo machine and peripheral equipment are lined up.

Please feel free to contact us.

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Blue semiconductor laser

Information of newly developed products

Newly developed products

"2-wavelength hybrid laser"

"Hybrid short pulsed laser unit for microfabrication" fiber laser and semiconductor laser are allocated on the same axis. This is a laser system effective for reduction of material stress at processing and improvement of quality.

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Introduction of Micro Edge Process

Micro Edge Process has been engaged in semiconductor-related, electricity and electronics-related device, measurement, and parts over the years.

The company was established in 2015 utilizing the know-how. We want to continuously respond to customers' requests with original technologies, information, and production network to grow up.

The characteristics of Micro Edge Process are proposal and manufacturing of viewing systems, measuring instruments, laser processing machine, optical components based on micro bonding technology using laser, and processing by commissioning using various processing machines.

Especially, we have developed devices using laser microfabrication with manufacturers listed with first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in the silicon society over the years.

We have responded to customers' requests based on Micro Edge Process's advantage, optical technology and experiences for parts bonding at level of microns.

Of course, we are also developing the equipment related to production such as observation optical system attached to laser processing device, jigs, and tools.

If you have any trouble, please consult us.

Laser micro bonding technology, laser microfabrication, optical components, design and fabrication of optical system, measurement of space charge

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