ホーム Micromachining



Micromachinig is our keyword.
Focusing on laser microfabrication (micro-welding, micro-soldering, micro-drilling, ablation), we can provide a wide range of support, from single product prototyping to mass production, using optimal processing methods that make full use of laser micromachinig, electrical discharge machining, cutting, etc., according to customer specifications and applications.

Example of fabriated samples


  • Welding、overlaying
  • Micro-holes, pin-hole
  • Deep driiled hole, stop hole, high-aspect ratio hole
  • Long hole, round hole, groove, high-aspect ratio slit
  • Precise cutting

Processing method

  • Short pulse / ultra short pulse laser
  • CW/Q-CW laser
  • Chemical etching
  • EDM
  • Mechanical machining with dedicated tools
* We are constantly researching and developing microfabrication processes that are considered difficult with existing processes, such as microshapes and special materials.

Measurement / Observation

We will adopt the most appropriate measurement/observation method considering various factors such as light reflection on the material surface and the influence of magnetism, etc., when the processing level is minute to the micrometer order.
  • Digital microscope
  • Laser microscope
  • Scanning electron microscope(SEM)
  • SStereomicroscope
  • High speed infrared camera

Metal processing

Mocro laser welding

High precision laser welding Micro welding process High precise laser welding
Material : cupper
Method : key hole welding
High demand cupper welding
Material : stainless steel
Method : key hole welding
Rigid precise weldin with laser
Material : aluminum
High precision laser welding with beat width 0.2mm

Laser micro-welding Micro butt welding High precision laser welding
Material:Copper (Cu) and Nickel (Ni)
Method:Laser micro welding
Fine micro-welding is also possible
Material:Copper foil and nickel foil
Method:Butt welding
Precise welding of materials butt-welded together
Material:Copper foil on Nickel foil
Secure welding down to the nickel foil on the underside

Slit processing

High precision slitting Micro slitting Micro slit processing
Groove observation: width0.04mm×depth0.9mm Groove observation: Groove : Width0.04mm×depth0.9mm Kerf:< 100µm

Microhole processing

Microhole High precision microhole Microhole processing
Material:Stainless steel
Hole diameter:Φ10μm(±1μm)
Hole diameter:Φ35μm(±1μm)
3D imaging of microhole in tungsten

Super long cavity processing Super long cavity processing Super long cavity processing
Material:Stainless steel
Hole diameter:Φ600μm
Long hole processing, almost as long as a mechanical pencil With observing the edge, φ0.6mm hole can be found.

High precision micro hole Micro hole Micro hole processing
Material:Nickel with gold plating
Hole diameter:Φ300μm
Precision machining to gold with high reflectance
Material:Copper foil (Cu)
Hole diameter:Φ40μm
Fine holes with minimal thermal effects
Material:Copper foil (Cu)
Hole diameter:Square hole 300μm
Fine holes with minimal thermal effects

High precision micro hole High-aspect microhole machining Micro hole
Material :Copper foil(Cu)t0.1mm
Hole diameter:Φ150μm
Precision processing is possible even for copper with high reflectance.
Hole diameter:φ65μm
Depth:> 150μm
High-aspect microhole
Mateial:Stainless steel (SUS430)
Tapered microhole

Precise drilling Extreme precise hole processing Precision hole drilling on pipe
Material : tantalum t3mm
Hole diameter : Φ100μm
Material : stainless steel
Hole diameter : φ37μm
Object : stainless pipe
Hole diameter : Φ100±1μm

Precision nozzle High aspect long hole drilling Apex processing
Material: Stainless steel
Hole size:Φ80μm
Precise nozzle
Material: Stainless steel
Hole sise: φ350μm
High aspect ratio long hole and precise hole drilling
Material : Ni-Ti
Apex of narrow needle

Micro groove

Micro groove processing High density micro groove Precise micro groove
Material :SPCC
width 100µm
Micro groove
High density micro groove
Very narrow groove: width 30µm

Micro slit ontungsten High accurate slit Microgroove on steel
Slit on tungsten Material:tungsten<
Micro groove

Micro slit processing Precision comb electrode Precise slit
Irregular shape slit Material : stainless
Accuracy : 1μm
Good straightness slit
Slit width : 5μm
High accurate slit processing

Glass processing

Micro hole processing

High quality micro hole processing High preciion micro hole Micro holes in curved glass
Hole diameter:Φ120μm
Hole diameter : Φ0.12±0.005mm
Hole distance : 0.25±0.005mm
Number of holes : 200
Application : a part of teter
Material:Curved glass
Hole diameter:Φ100μm

Slit on glass Micro slit High accurate glass processing
High acurate micromachining
Width 80µm, length 2mm : micro slit Material :glass
Processing of glass without chipping