Various types of microfabrication

ホーム Various types of microfabrication

Straight long hole processing

Example of actual performance

Material: SUS series

Depth: 150mm

Hole diameter: Φ600μm

Processing method: gun drill

Photo of long hole 150mm x Φ600μm


Φ6 x 150mm
Φ0.6 straight 150mm

Example of laser microfabrication 2

Example of actual performance

Material: SUS

Thickness: 100μm

Hole diameter: Φ10μm (±1μm)

Specifications of laser: picosecond laser

Example of laser microfabrication

Example of actual performance

Material: tungsten (W)

Thickness: 50μm

Hole diameter: Φ35μm (±1μm)


Specifications of laser: picosecond laser


Price: a few thousand yen per hole, including materials (referential price)


Test production from one piece to mass production processing supported


Other materials with actual performance:

sapphire, metals, PET, film, ceramics, glass etc.


Sample of processing

Microscope image (x1000)
3D image

Various types of microfabrication

Micro Edge Process propose an optimum processing method making excellent use of electric spark machining and cutting work according to customer's specifications and use application mainly for laser microfabrication (micro bonding, micro drilling, ablation) and can widely support from test production of single item to mass production.

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Microfabrication shape

- Slot, deep hole, micropore (pinhole)

Fabrication method

- Machining using special tools

- Electric spark machining using thin electrode

- Laser processing using short pulsed laser

- Etching using chemical agents (chemical reaction / corrosive action)

* We are daily researching and developing other microfabrication that seems to be difficult by existing processing such as fine shape and special materials.

Observation method

* A microscopic area may not be observed by a general optical system.

It depends on the measurement level (accuracy), however, there are problems of material characteristics of workpiece, shape, lighting of viewing system, and specifications of optical system etc. The image processing by CCD etc. is also included.


(Photo of groove observation: groove of width 0.04mm x depth 0.9mm)

(Photo of observation optical system)

Micro Edge Process can propose an optimum system based on various factors using each application. Please consult us.