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Optical fiber products


  • Manufacturer of optical component products used in laser processing, laser measurement, and the fields of medicine and telecommunications, based on fiber optic technology.
  • A variety of optical products, such as optical collimators, optical connectors, fiber lasers, and fiber laser components, are commercially available and widely accepted in the market for OEM, ODM, small contract manufacturing, and mass production.
  • Factories equipped with clean rooms and high-precision tools and measurement equipment.


【Optical connector (HP)】

【Optical collimator】

【HP対応光コネクタ】 【光コリメータ】
・Low eccentricity
・High heat resistance due to glue free
・End cap available
・SM、MM、PM fiber compatible
・High heat resistance due to glue free
・Compact in size and low weight
・CW、pulse laser available
・SM、MM、PM fiber compatible

【Optical fiber bundle】

【CW fiber laser】

【光ファイババンドル】 【 CWファイバレーザ】
・High heat resistance due to glue free
・Good beam quality
・Optical fiber gurad
・Good beam quality
・Linear polization
・Maintenace free

【Wavelength filter-equipped optical isolator (for low output)】

  • ISO、BPF、MFA、OPM function
  • Low loss

【"Wavelength filter-equipped optical isolator (for high output)】

  • ISO、BPF、MFA、OPM function
  • Low loss
  • polarization dependent, polarization non-dependent selectable

【Optical Fiber Mating Adapters/Sleeves】

  • Pluggable optical fiber
  • Push-pull plug & easy to use
  • Dedicated adapter



We provide total coordination of optical components.
We deliver high-quality, short lead-time, and cost-effective components tailored to your needs, from development and prototyping to mass production. Please feel free to contact us.
We offer comprehensive support from design to manufacturing and inspection.

Product Examples

Materials Handled Products
Materials Handled
Optical glass (e.g., BK7), synthetic quartz, crystal, optical crystal materials, metal, ceramics, and others (Suppliers: OHARA, HOYA, SCHOTT, SUMITA Optical, CORNING, and others) Processing from customer-supplied materials

Etalon filters, wave plates, interference filters, polarizers, dichroic filters, retardation plates, lotion prisms
Polarization filters, beam splitters, Savart plates, roof prisms, Wollaston prisms, half mirrors, pentaprisms, plane mirrors, right-angle prisms, and more

Processing Techniques
Polishing (including thin-film polishing, end face polishing, batch polishing, etc.)
Machining (cutting, dicing, machining, cylindrical, flat, etc.)
Assembly (optical bonding, various joining methods, etc.)
Coating (metal film, single-layer, multilayer, etc.)

Optical Design Beam Evaluation Product Inspection
Processing Techniques