ホーム Technology

Optical component design and manufacturing

We offer total coordination of optical components.

We deliver high-quality, quick-delivery, and low-cost parts that meet customers' needs, from small quantities to mass production, including development and prototype products.




Processing Results/Products Handled

Machinig technology
  • Polishing process (flake polishing, edge polishing, lot polishing, etc.)
  • Machining (cutting, dicing, machining, cylindrical, flat, etc.)
  • Assembly (optical bonding, various types of bonding, etc.)
  • Coatings (metal film, single-layer, multi-coat, multi-layer, etc.)
Materials handled
Optical glass (BK7, etc.), synthetic quartz, quartz crystal, optical crystal materials, metals, ceramics, etc.
(Glass Manufacturer:OHARA、HOYA、SCHOTT、Sumita Optical Glass、CORNING)

Etaron filters, waveplates, interference filters, polarizers, dichroic filters, detector polarization filters, beam splitters, Savar plates, lotion prisms
Dichroic mirrors, Wollaston prisms, half mirrors, pentaprisms, flat mirrors, right angle prisms, etc.

Optical fiber processing


We have reliable optical fiber related technologies cultivated in optical communications. We provide optical fiber products tailored to customer specifications. Feel free to contact us.
  • Optical fiber fusion splicing technology --- splicing large diameter fibers of the same and different diameters
  • Fiber Optic Coupler Technology --- Pumping Applications for Fiber Lasers
  • Optical Connector Technology --- Providing High-Power Optical Connectors
  • Optical Collimator Technology --- Pigtailing Products
  • Optical Amplifier Technology --- Fiber Amplifier Provision
  • Multifunctional Optical Components --- Application to Isolators, etc.

融着 低偏心、接着剤フリー
Fiber Fusion Fusion Low eccentricity, adhesive-free bonding

Board design, mounting, assembly and wiring techno


We are capable of total manufacturing, including laser-related PCB design, mounting, assembly and wiring up to control panel housings, and wire harness and cable manufacturing. In addition to printed circuit boards, we can also design the mechanisms of switches, connectors, and other electrical components, as well as the mechanical mechanisms around motor drives. Utilizing these know-how and technologies, all of our products are developed, designed, and manufactured in-house. We can also undertake everything from the procurement of component parts to inspections, and our strength lies in our consistent total coordination.

We can design and manufacture electrical and electronic equipment in general other than laser-related equipment, as well as develop and design equipment including housing design and manufacturing. We offer a one-stop service for board design and mounting, including prototyping, small-lot production, and contract production.


  • High quality and high functionality for all types of products.
  • We are flexible to meet your needs.
  • We have all the necessary equipment for development, design, mounting, and assembly in-house, so we can provide a consistent service.
  • We can also work with partner companies on cost, delivery, etc.
  • It can be realized from rough design to product.
  • Even if you do not have formal documentation, please contact us first.

Development Achievements

  • Temperature control unit
  • Power controller
  • Cooling unit
  • Farmware
  • Various microcontroller/FPGA design
  • Digital circuit design
  • Analog circuit design

Firmware / Application Software


We develop laser-related software as well as engineering software for the use of other electronic products. We can provide a wide range of software, including intelligent software to control various devices, simulation software, various application software, artificial intelligence (AI), and software that utilizes big data.

We also design and develop basic software (firmware) to control FA products. We can handle all types of software required for factory equipment, including controller devices (sequencers, displays) and drive devices (servo amplifiers, inverters) that are essential for automation and labor saving, such as machine tools, and mechatronics products (electrical discharge and laser processing machines, robots).
Farmware Application software


  • We realize our customers' wishes with high quality and high functionality.
  • Integrated development from hardware to software is possible.
  • We can also work with partner companies on cost, delivery, etc.
  • We support equipment in a variety of fields, regardless of industry.
  • Various computer languages are available.
  • Please contact us even if you have an idea to start with.

Development achievements

  • Farmware for laser controller
  • Farmware for temperature control system
  • Temperature feedback control system
  • PLC program for robotic system
  • Application software for laser micro machining

Facilities and Equipment


We assist our customers with development as well as mass production. We have clean rooms and other facilities necessary for the development and manufacture of high-performance lasers, as well as various processing facilities for metal processing and semiconductor substrate processing.

【Mass production plant】
  • Clean room :class <10000
  • Floor space 250m2   
【Development center】
  • Floor space 100m2    
  • Many owned equipment such as YAG welding machine

Development room Developed equipments

Facilities and Equipment

Laser development

Power meter Ophir StarLite
Power and energy meter Coherent LaB Max-Pro SSIM
Beam profiler Cinogy CMOS-1201
High-speed thermopile Coherent PM-P 150F HD
Thermopile Coherent PM150-50
Chiller ARC150-110VAC

Electrical and Electronic Circuit Development

PCB design Altium Designer
Wattmeter DW-6163 watt meter
Signal generator FeelTech FY6600-60M
Temperature controller UTC200A
Microcontroller Microchip PIC-MPLAB X IDE
Digital oscilloscope Tektronix TDS3052

Processing evaluation and observation

Infrared camera FLIR A6751
Digital microscope Keyence VHX-8000