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High-power fiber-coupled semiconductor laser


This is a high-performance semiconductor laser system based on laser micro-joining technology. It offers a cost-effective solution with the flexibility to accommodate various optical parameters such as beam diameter and focal length (optional).

The system utilizes a high-power blue laser with a wavelength of 450 nm, which provides high light absorption in materials like gold (Au) and copper (Cu). Additionally, there is an 800 nm wavelength type available for high-efficiency microprocessing. The lineup includes models with maximum output power of 20 W, as well as 50 W and 100 W options.

We also offer demonstration units and peripheral equipment.


  • High Absorption Wavelength: This laser operates at a wavelength of 450 nm, which exhibits high light absorption in metal materials such as gold (Au) and copper (Cu). It minimizes material damage and enables high-efficiency processing.
  • Output Lineup: We offer a range of output options, including 20 W, 50 W, and 200 W, allowing you to choose according to your specific application requirements.
  • Micro Core Diameter: Our system employs an optical fiber with a small core diameter of φ 105 μm, ideal for precise microprocessing with a narrow beam.
  • Unique Guide Light: Equipped with our proprietary green guide light (520 nm), facilitating easy target alignment. (Patent application completed)
  • Low Power Consumption: Our unique design enables low power consumption, and the innovative thermal management design ensures output stability within 3% during continuous operation at maximum power.
  • Dedicated Software: The system comes with standard external analog signal control and output profile software.


Semiconductor Laser MPR450 Semiconductor Laser MPR450
* Wavelength: 450 nm
* Output: 20 W, 50 W, 100 W
* Wavelength: 800 nm
* Output: 80 W

Specification document

※Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice
※Customization and OEM available
※Demo machines and sample testing available
Item / Model MPR450-20 MPR450-50 MPR450-100
Wavelength 450±10nm
Max Output Power 20W 50W 100W
Length 3m or 5m
Core Diameter φ105μm or φ200μm
NA 0.22
Connector SMA SMA D80
Pilot Light Green (530nm)
Operating Temperature Range 15~35℃ ※No condensation
LD Cooling Method Air Cooling Air Cooling Air Cooling & Water Cooling
Control Software Number of Programs: Max 32, Number of Steps: Max 50 Steps/Program
Interface Parallel I/O (D-sub37), RS-232C, Interlock, USB (for Control Software)
448mm x 504mm x 132mm 448mm x 504mm x 175mm 448mm x 584mm x 220mm
Weight Approx. 13kg Approx. 20kg Approx. 27kg

Dimensions (MPR450-20)

Dedicated Software (Included as standard)

    • Output, time, step count, repeat count, and other parameters can be freely set.
    • Internal memory allows for storing up to 20 patterns.
    • External control via analog input or command control is possible.

    Usage Examples

    Combination with temperature control units Blue laser processing Green guide light


      • Microfabrication: Soldering, welding, fusing, bonding, curing
      • Light source: Evaluation equipment, medical and bio light sources
      • Research and development: Material evaluation, analysis, experiments, etc.

    Reference Material

          The absorption rate based on the wavelength varies for different materials. The 450nm semiconductor laser has a high absorption rate.

    High Precision Fiber Laser


    A low-power, high-precision fiber laser suitable for micro-welding. The fiber laser is a solid-state laser that uses rare-earth-doped fibers as amplification media. It boasts high oscillation efficiency, compact size, light weight, and easy maintenance. With its high beam quality, it is ideal for fine processing applications.


    MPR1000-3002FL MPR1000-6002FL
    * Oscillation Wavelength: 1064nm
    * Fiber Core Diameter: φ25µm, φ10µm
    * Fiber Numerical Aperture (NA): 0.07
    * Fiber Length: 3m
    * Average Output Power: 30W
    * Pilot Light: 650nm
    * Oscillation Wavelength: 1064nm
    * Fiber Core Diameter: φ15µm, φ10µm
    * Fiber Numerical Aperture (NA): 0.07
    * Fiber Length: 3m
    * Average Output Power: 60W
    * Pilot Light: 650nm

    External Dimensions


      • Micro-welding, bonding, soldering
      • Micro-machining: Hole drilling, groove machining, precision cutting
      • Internal modification

    Temperature Control Unit


    This unit enables "temperature feedback control" by rapidly acquiring temperature sensor values and controlling the output of the laser light source. Simply set the desired temperature, and you can control the temperature of the laser irradiation position. This eliminates the need for complex laser output settings and significantly reduces the burden.


    Temperature Control Unit MPR2000TC Temperature Control Setting Software
    * Temperature Sensor: Radiation thermometer
    * Control Temperature: 90-2000℃ (depending on the sensor)
    * Response Speed: 1 msec
    * Control Parameters: Programs x 2, Steps x 50
    * Interface: External host (RS-232C, I/O), USB for dedicated software
    * Control Output: Analog 0-5V
    * Temperature Control/Output Control
    * PID Control (adjustable parameters)
    * Memory: Programs x 2, Steps x 50

    Specification Document

    Item Specification
    Model MPR2000TC
    Control Type Temperature Control (℃) / Output Control (%)
    Software Dedicated Software (Windows PC)
    Number of Programs Max 32
    Number of Steps Max 50
    Control Output Analog 0-5V
    Dimensions W230 x D260 x H96 (mm)
    Weight Approx. 1.5kg

    Configuration Example

    Cooling Unit


    This is a cooling unit designed for lasers. It maintains a constant temperature for the laser light source to ensure stable laser output. Customization options are available to suit specific laser output requirements.


    • Cooling Method: Air cooling
    • Cooling System: Plate cooling
    • Cooling Capacity: 80W
    • Maximum Temperature Difference: 35K
    • Dimensions (mm): 82×110×185
    • Weight: Approximately 1.5kg
    • Cooling Method: Air cooling
    • Cooling System: Plate cooling
    • Cooling Capacity: 150W
    • Maximum Temperature Difference: 45K
    • Dimensions (mm): 176×85×235
    • Weight: Approximately 3.5kg
    • Cooling Method: Air cooling
    • Cooling System: Fluid cooling
    • Cooling Capacity: 450W
    • Cooling Fluid: Purified water
    • Dimensions (mm): 268×142×207
    • Weight: Approximately 8kg