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Recently, innovations in information technology have been happening one after another, and keywords that symbolize information technology, such as AI, IoT, DX, and 5G, are now familiar and used on a daily basis. These advances in information technology are supported by technological innovations in both software and hardware. While data communication speeds and capacities continue to increase, Micro Edge Process responds to the need for "miniaturization" of various devices and manufacturing tools with its manufacturing capabilities.

Since its establishment in 2015, we have been patronized by companies in the semiconductor, automotive, power electronics, and healthcare industries on the strength of its unique laser microfabrication technology. Laser processing can be used for applications such as cutting, drilling, as well as joining processes such as soldering and welding. Another feature of our company is that we can propose and provide a system of laser processing machines and peripheral equipment such as robots to meet the needs for improved productivity in manufacturing.

We will continue to contribute to companies engaged in miniaturization by leveraging not only the laser processing technology we have cultivated over the years, but also our industry network of cooperating companies that support our company.

We will continue to take on the challenge of unique manufacturing together with our customers for the further development of innovation.

President and CEO
Akio Shirai

Company profile

Company name Micro Edge Process Co., Ltd.
President Akio SHIRAI
Location Sagamihara Incubation Center SIC2-703,
5-4-30, Nishihashimoto, Midori-ku,
Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 252-0131, Japan
TEL +81-42-703-5617
FAX +81-42-703-5618
Date of establishment October 2, 2015
Capital fund 6 million yen
Business lineup
  • Design, manufacturing, and sales of industrial devices and components
  • Design and sales of optical components and laser devices
  • Sales, import, and export of industrial components

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Corporate development

2012 Received an inquiry on laser bonding device for processing next-generation parts processing from a major semiconductor manufacturer
2013 Design, development, and manufacturing lines constructed, a prototype completed A prototype was highly evaluated and the production of mass-production model of laser processing machine was started
2014 Contributed to application of patent for a manufacturer with laser processing technology
2015 Micro Edge Process Co., Ltd. established
October 2017 Started the development of high-output blue semiconductor laser
February 2018 Released the high-output fiber bonding type blue semiconductor laser
February 2018 Ran a booth at "Yokohama Technical Show"
April 2018 Ran a booth at "OPIE’18 Laser EXPO"
August 2018 A prototype of blue light LD core Φ100μm completed
November 2018 Ran a booth at "Science Photonics Fair 2018"
December 2018 Developed a short pulsed laser system for microfabrication
January 2019 Made an agreement for agency with Veego in Taiwan
February 2019 A prototype of blue LD high output 50W completed
April 2019 Ran a booth at "OPIE’19 Laser EXPO"
June 2019 A hybrid laser system for microfabrication completed
December 2019 A temperature control unit completed
January 2020 Ran a booth at "interOpto2020"
May 2020 Blue LD high output 200W completed
June 2021 Ran a booth at "OPIE’21 Laser EXPO"
April 2022 Ran a booth at "OPIE’22 Laser EXPO"
April 2023 Ran a booth at "OPIE’23 Laser EXPO"
July 2023 Moved to new office SIC2-703 to expand our business