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Company profile

Company name:
Micro Edge Process Co., Ltd.


Sagamihara Incubation Center SIC1-208,
5-4-21, Nishihashimoto, Midori-ku,
252-0131, Japan

TEL +81-42-703-5617
FAX +81-42-703-5618

Date of establishment:
October 2, 2015

Capital fund:
6 million yen

Business lineup:
- Design, manufacturing, and sales of industrial devices and components
- Design and sales of optical components and laser devices
- Sales, import, and export of industrial components

Main banking relationship:
Bank of Yokohama, Ltd., Kiraboshi Bank, Ltd.

Corporate development

Received an inquiry on laser bonding device for processing next-generation parts processing from a major semiconductor manufacturer

Design, development, and manufacturing lines constructed, a prototype completed
A prototype was highly evaluated and the production of mass-production model of laser processing machine was started

Contributed to application of patent for a manufacturer with laser processing technology

Micro Edge Process Co., Ltd. established

October 2017
Started the development of high-output blue semiconductor laser

February 2018
Released the high-output fiber bonding type blue semiconductor laser

February 2018
Ran a booth at "Yokohama Technical Show"

April 2018
Ran a booth at "OPIE’18 Laser EXPO"

August 2018
A prototype of blue light LD core Φ100μm completed

November 2018
Ran a booth at "Science Photonics Fair 2018"

December 2018
Developed a short pulsed laser system for microfabrication

January 2019
Made an agreement for agency with Veego in Taiwan

February 2019
A prototype of blue LD high output 50W completed

April 2019
Ran a booth at "OPIE’19 Laser EXPO"

June 2019
A hybrid laser system for microfabrication completed

December 2019
A temperature control unit completed

January 2020
Ran a booth at "interOpto2020"

May 2020
Blue LD high output 200W completed