Coaxial laser head

ホーム Coaxial laser head

Coaxial laser head

Micro Edge Process's laser head can be customized into design according to wide range of purpose such as laser head for laser processing, measurement, and evaluation.
Laser type: pulsed laser, semiconductor laser etc.
Laser wavelength: 450nm, near-infrared (800 to 1064nm), CO2 (10μ waveband) etc.
2-wavelength hybrid, Galvano optical system etc.
The laser head can be designed and fabricated according to existing laser.

Laser head

The laser light output from light source (fiber) spreads out and scatters depending on NA (numerical aperture) of used fiber. The laser head focuses the spreading light into target size (beam diameter) or length (WD).

            Beam profile                              
Rectangular beam profile

Coaxial observation laser head

The coaxial observation is the laser head that is designed to enable confirmation of beam light focusing point and position of physical object on the monitor by allocating an axis for camera for the laser axis.

This is an irradiation head for which optical design is implemented according to target specifications such as beam diameter, WD, beam shape, divide. Small and light design realizes easy attachment.


           Semiconductor laser                                   Hybrid optical system
               (450, 808nm)                                            (450+1064nm)

Coaxial observation laser head with temperature monitor

This is a 3-axis coaxial laser head adding laser axis, camera axis, and radiation thermometer axis that can monitor the temperature at a point where laser is irradiated.

The area where the laser light is irradiated becomes hot due to light absorption and discharges the radiation. The temperature at the irradiation point can be measured by importing the discharged radiation into semiconductor sensor using a lens.

Specifications of temperature sensor (depending on the used sensor)

Response speed: 1ms
Measurement temperature: 160 to 2000°C


          For semiconductor                 For semiconductor
          laser 450nm                    laser 800 to 1064nm

Temperature control coaxial observation head

For heating and processing of an object using laser, proper temperature control by absorbing materials is very important. Improper temperature (excessive temperature, insufficient temperature) causes defect or damage.

With the "coaxial observation laser head with temperature monitor"
- Temperature confirmation at laser irradiation point is available (temperature monitor)

- Laser is controlled at target temperature (temperature control)

- The laser irradiation point is checked with video (coaxial camera)

- Coaxial (3-axis) compact body

This system is optimum can totally resolve the issues of laser processing and is optimum as product management traceability item.

Design and fabrication according to your existing laser
are also available.

Temperature control unit
This control unit keeps the temperature of an object to the temperature you set by detecting the emissivity (temperature data) of an object heated by laser light with a radiation thermometer at high speed and controlling the output of laser light source.

・Control temperature: 160°C to 1800°C
・Response speed: 1msec
The control software displays setting temperature and actual temperature.

Temperature control unit catalogue (pdf)

Technical report (pdf)

Example of system configuration

Temperature control unit
Control software
Laser light source and control unit
Coaxial observation head with temperature monitor