Blue semiconductor laser, module

ホーム Blue semiconductor laser, module

Blue semiconductor laser

High-output fiber bonding type blue semiconductor laser


1. The wavelength is 450nm. This is laser with high wavelength whose light absorption rate for metallic materials such as gold (Au) and copper (Cu) is high.

For this reason, it is superior in reduction of material damage and can realize high-efficiency processing.

2. The maximum outputs 20W, 50W, 200W are lined up. The maximum output can be selected according to target application.

3. The optical fiber core diameter φ100μm is adopted. It is optimum for microfabrication with small diameter beam.

4. As the product is regularly equipped with Micro Edge Process's original green guide light (520nm), the target can be easily aligned.

5. The design suppressing the power consumption has realized low power consumption. The original heat discharge design has realized 3% or less of output fluctuation for maximum output continuous driving.

6. Regularly equipped with photoregulation by external analog signal and output profile software.

This is a laser system with high cost performance.
The optical system such as beam diameter and focal point distance (option) can be supported according to use application.


* Microfabrication: soldering, welding, adhesion, fusion, hardening

* Light source: evaluation equipment, light source for healthcare / biology

* Research and development: material evaluation, analysis, experiment etc.

Blue semiconductor laser catalogue (pdf)

* Reference data (absorption rate of each metal for wavelength)

MPR450-50W light source
Blue laser light
Green guide light



Waveform software

* 20 patterns of output, time, step count, repetition count etc. can be memorized.

* The product is regularly equipped with waveform software.

* Analog control and command control from external are available.

Blue semiconductor module

Blue semiconductor module

Semiconductor LD and multimode fiber are bonded with high efficiency and high-output and high-efficiency blue light is output from the edge of connector.

As this module has small diameter and can be handled easily, it is optimum for built-in for equipment etc. Outputs 1W to several tens of W are lined up.

Use application
Built-in for analyzer, light source of phosphor device Microfabrication light source, light source for various experiments etc.


* 1 piece of test production to hundreds pieces of mass production can be supported at low cost.

* Power supply, circuit, and package etc. can be fabricated.

Blue semiconductor module catalogue (pdf)

6W module package
1W module package
Various modules