Sales of optical components

ホーム Sales of optical components

Design / manufacturing of optical components

Micro Edge Process can provide total coordinate of optical components.
We can deliver high-quality parts in short delivery period at low price for development and prototype according to customer's request such as small amount and mass-produced product.


Actual performance of processing / product range

Processing technology

Polishing processing (thin piece polishing, edge surface polishing, lot polishing etc.)

Machine processing (cutting, dicing, machining, circular cylinder, plain surface etc.)

Assembly (optical bonding, various types of bonding etc.)

Coating (metallic film, single layer, multicoating, multi-layer film etc.)


Material range

Optical glass (BK7 etc.), quart, crystal, optical crystalline material, metal, ceramics etc.

Processing of materials supplied from (glass material manufacturers: OHARA, HOYA, SCHOTT, SUMITA OPTICAL GLASS, CORNING etc.)



Etalon filter, wave plate, interference filter, polarizer, dichroic filter, analyzer

polarization filter, beam splitter, Savart plate, Rochon prism

dichroic mirror, Wollaston prism, half mirror, pentaprism, plane mirror, right angle prism etc.