Short pulsed laser (hybrid)

ホーム Short pulsed laser (hybrid)

Short pulsed laser (hybrid)

For the processing with pulsed laser (welding, cutting etc.), light with high energy density is irradiated to a target material within short time. Stress such as scattering and transformation of material substance may be given.

The hybrid laser is a laser system effective for reduction of material and improvement of quality at the processing by allocating a high-power laser with two types of wavelength on the same axis.

* A fine irradiation point can be confirmed on the monitor by allocating a fiber laser (1064nm) and a semiconductor laser (450or900nm) on the same axis and adding a coaxial camera.

* The irradiation head is very compact. It supports hundreds W class fiber laser. A semiconductor laser can be selected according to blue semiconductor and infrared semiconductor laser depending on the target material.

* The optical system of coaxial camera is designed according to the magnification of processing point observation and is very clear. It is effective for positioning or observation of fine area (100μm or less).

* As each laser is allocated on the same axis, single wavelength irradiation and 2-wavelength irradiation can be implemented and dedicated software can easily implement setting and edit of output parameter and timing chart of each laser.

Technical report (pdf)
Video of processing image (YouTube)

Laser head, monitor
image of irradiation point x1000 (green part: semiconductor laser Φ50μm, center part: fiber laser Φ10μm)
Example of configuration of optic axis

Merit of short pulsed laser

Micro Edge Process enables the microfabrication avoiding thermal effect according to desired processing specifications by utilizing short pulse of infrared fiber laser.
Narrow pulse width can minimize the thermal effect and it leads to reduction of damage for a workpiece.
Moreover, arranging the processing conditions adding cyclic condition and output strength condition etc. can realize the microfabrication according to situation.

Trial microfabrication & system update

The hybrid laser is optimum for 50 micrometer or smaller microfabrication; bonding, cutting, drilling, ablation of metallic materials such as Cu, Ni, W, Pd, and SUS.
It can widely support test processing conditioning laser output, repetitive frequency, pulse width to laser system update according to desired material, shape, and size.
Moreover, Micro Edge Process can create a microfabrication system with short pulsed laser by designing a system based on the request. Please feel free to consult us.